Innovation - the next generation of products

At MotoRad, we are always working to bring improved performance and value to our offering by developing new products, evaluating novel materials, and designing advanced production equipment and processes.

With our unique combination of tradition and experience alongside entrepreneurial innovation, MotoRad has secured its place as a leader in the planning and production of thermostats and caps.

Currently, our primary innovation focus is on developing the new generation of controllable actuators and electronic controlled thermostats, and thermostats made from new materials. These innovative developments are being designed to meet the new, more stringent requirements of the automotive industry. MotoRad was one of the first companies to offer its customers patented electronic thermostat technology and a design-ready electronic thermostat.

In addition, MotoRad is leading the charge to introduce a new thermostat more suited to the environment of smaller engines. We are developing new thermostats made with a new material, to prevent stress corrosion cracking (SCC), which becomes an issue in some of today’s car engines that are smaller yet more powerful than older engines.

Active R&D yields ongoing stream of new products

For the Aftermarket segment, MotoRad designs and introduces new product lines on an annual basis. This allows our customers to offer a broad product portfolio to end-users. These new product lines fit many different applications.

On average, MotoRad develops tens of new products annually. We continuously evaluate new platforms in the market and search for new products and new materials in order to improve performance and meet our customers’ requirements.

Due to our modular engineering capabilities, we can easily and efficiently manufacture a wide variety of products, even in small batches, with a high degree of precision.