Engine Management

MotoRad engine management products are manufactured in Tier-1 OEM facilities with top-quality qualifications and undergo comprehensive 100% in-line and end-of-line testing to ensure uncompromising quality.

Our high-coverage portfolio for North American, European and Asian applications is aligned with MotoRad’s reputation as a reliable high quality supplier. MotoRad provides exceptional customer service and shipping performance, while offering first to market product coverage for all of our advanced engine and thermal management products.

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Cam/Crank Sensors

MotoRad camshaft and crankshaft position sensors guarantee OE accuracy and improved engine operation. Designed to perform under severe operating conditions and are resistant to extreme heat.

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Ignition Coils

MotoRad ignition coils are engineered to maximize spark voltage duration to ensure optimal engine performance. Designed to perform under severe operating conditions and protects against extreme heat. All MotoRad Ignition Coils are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at our ISO TS16949 manufacturing facilities.

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MAF Sensors

MotoRad MAF Sensors precisely measure airflow entering the engine and communicate with the ECU to support optimum fuel combustion. Engineered to reduce contamination and withstand vibration to maximize durability.

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VVT Solenoids

MotoRad VVT Solenoids perform under extreme operating conditions while restoring fuel economy and reducing emissions. Engineered to withstand multiple oil formulas and contamination.

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Coolant Temp Sensors/Senders

MotoRad Coolant Temperature Sensors provide accurate data to the PCM to ensure proper management of your vehicle’s fuel injection system, ignition and variable valve timing, transmission shifting, and more.

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Throttle Position Sensors

MotoRad Throttle Position Sensors offer precision signaling to the ECM to ensure optimum performance and fuel economy. Manufactured using the highest quality OEM approved materials,
resulting in tighter tolerances and increased durability.

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Knock Sensors

MotoRad Knock Sensors respond to a wide range of engine knock frequencies providing accurate engine condition to the ECM for optimal ignition timing.

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