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Thermostat Solutions

We offer a line of thermostats that is one of the most sophisticated and advanced in the automotive industry.

MotoRad offers the best coverage of thermostats in the world for almost any vehicle and engine on or off the road. MotoRad thermostats play a critical role in maintaining the working temperature of the engine.

This positively affects the efficiency of the combustion and the transfer of power, the consumption of fuel, the emission of pollutants and the life of the engine.

Caps Solutions

MotoRad offers a wide range of closure caps for the automotive industry. These include coolant caps, fuel caps, oil caps, and diesel exhaust caps.

State-of-the-art equipment, strict quality control and functional testing of each cap ensure that customers can trust MotoRad high-quality products in their vehicles.

Engine Management Solutions

MotoRad has just launched five new product lines for advanced engine management. These new engine management products are manufactured in Tier-1 OEM facilities with top-quality qualifications and undergo comprehensive 100% in-line and end-of-line testing to ensure uncompromising quality and performance.