MotoRad|How to Fix a Coolant Leak

How to Fix a Coolant Leak

October 25, 2018
MotoRad|How to Fix a Coolant Leak min read

If you suspect a coolant leak in your vehicle, inspect your car for any fluids. Leaks can occur in many places in the cooling system, so if you spot any spraying, leaking or bubbling, you can be sure there is an issue. You may also notice a sweet smell coming from under the hood which is an indicator that your coolant is escaping. In addition, check the radiator hoses, coolant housing and gauges for any wear and tear.

If you have located a leak in your vehicle, there are many different locations that could be the source of malfunction. Below are some of the various types of leaks you can encounter and the best way to repair them.

MotoRad|How to Fix a Coolant Leak

Leaking Heater Core

If you determine your heater core to be leaking, you will need to take the HVAC case apart in order to reach the heater core. If you are very familiar with the car parts, this could be the best course of action for you to take without bringing it in to the shop. The time to replace a heater core can run you over 10 hours or more, so make sure you have the knowledge and time to repair the fix.

Leaking Coolant Hose

If you have a leaky hose, you should replace the clamps as well. Clamps can rust with age, compromising the tightness around the hose. Make sure you inspect them for any corrosion or rusting and replace as needed.
Also, as the coolant hoses get older, they become stiff around the seals and fittings. Make sure when you are removing the old parts, you have some type of sharp blade to cut through the material. This will make it easier when pulling the stuck-on pieces from the fittings.

Leaking Water Pump

If the leaks are coming from the water pump, you will need to drain the cooling system first. This can be done by removing the lower radiator hose or opening the drain valve. Once drained, remove any parts, including hoses that are connected to the water pump. Unscrew the pump from the engine and from there you can remove and replace with a new pump.

The first sign of coolant leaking is an overheating car engine. Take proper care when repairing your car so you do not incur further damages. Always maintain your vehicle and its parts to avoid dealing with coolant leaks in the future.

MotoRad|How to Fix a Coolant Leak


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    MotoRad|How to Fix a Coolant Leak