Keep Your Car’s Engine Clean and Cool With a New Coolant Bleeder Housing Unit

October 25, 2018
min read

Over time, your car’s cooling system can develop air pockets that prevent it from functioning at its highest levels of efficiency, increasing the chance that your engine will overheat. To make matters worse, these pockets can deceive you into thinking that the coolant level is high, when the truth is that the little coolant that remains is simply being pushed to the system’s extremities.

If you’re not just looking to upgrade your car’s various components, there are a few symptoms to be wary of that can easily be fixed with a new air bleeder housing unit. If you notice that your car is becoming less fuel efficient, is struggling in cold starts, or seems to lose power when accelerating, then a new air control housing unit will help get your car computer’s automated fuel management sensors back on track.

Our coolant bleeder housing units require no special tools, and you can install one in just a few minutes with one screwing motion. By providing you with such a simple yet robust installation method, you don’t have to worry about any slight misalignments or installation errors that would prevent the highest functionality from the unit. Our units come with temperature sensors that when brought to a certain level, flush the system and release the air pockets before they form in your cooling system. Take note that not all coolant housing automatically cleanses the system, and that automatically protecting the longevity of your cooling system is a great investment, lowering the potential for any gradual damages to develop.

When looking through our product page, make sure to pick the coolant bleeder housing unit that corresponds with your vehicle’s manufacturer and model – cooling systems always have slight variations and thus so must the various housing units.

You can trust our aftermarket auto parts – MotoRad has been in this business since 1958. We have garnered many honors and awards including “Vendor of the Year” from three different major institutions. All of our manufacturing facilities are in North America – we keep our process close to home in order to ensure the highest quality. Look no further when searching for high-quality thermostat components for your automobile.


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