Lost Your Fuel Cap? Why Waiting to Replace is a Mistake

October 25, 2018
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The wonderful world of gas caps. There’s a reason why cars come with them…there’s a reason why they are a mandatory part of basic state inspections…because they are a vital part of every vehicle’s safety and operational systems. If you’re fuel cap gets left behind at the fuel station, stolen, or starts showing signs of cracks and wear do yourself and your auto a favor and replace it ASAP with a resilient locking fuel cap. Here’s just a few motivators to consider if you’re thinking about neglecting this easy task along with some reasons why a locking fuel cap.

Tampering and Vandalism

The beauty of a locking gas cap is that they deter thieves and vandals who don’t want to take that extra time to deal with picking the lock. Locking fuel caps require a key to be opened and removed, and whether you have two vehicles or an entire fleet of delivery trucks you can often request for the locks to be keyed alike to minimize confusion.

Protection in Accidents and Rollovers

A feature of most locking gas caps is referred to as ‘lost motion,’ and this is what allows the cap a bit of freedom while still maintaining a solid seal. This can prove to be a vital feature that can prevent the fuel from leaking out of the filler neck in the incident of an impact or rollover situation. These caps are also designed to prevent fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere.

Environmental Concerns

According to research provided by the Sun Oil Company, operating your vehicle without a standard or locking fuel cap can waste between 22 to 30 gallons of more of gasoline per year! Do your wallet and the planet a favor and spend a few dollars on a locking fuel cap to potentially save hundreds annually.

Diagnostics Tests and Emission Systems

Symptoms of your system craving a fuel cap replacement may include the ‘check engine’ light coming on at random times or staying on, even when the engine isn’t actually under performing. A missing fuel cap can also cause your vehicle to fail any required state inspections, even if the auto is a newer model. Fuel caps allow the system to normalize air pressure, an essential function of normal vacuum situations.

MotoRad Locking Gas Caps: Your One Stop Solution

If you’re looking for quick delivery of a premium traditional or locking fuel cap made of resilient materials, rest assured that MotoRad has you covered. All of their fuel caps meet federal and state emissions requirements and are designed with vacuum and pressure systems to prevent fuel evaporation. Take a look at our MotoRad Catalog to find the parts you need, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions you may have.


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