Oil Cap Replacement is Simple – The Repercussions if You Don’t Aren’t Worth It

October 25, 2018
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Investing in a replacement oil cap is a simple choice. Either you can risk blowing your engine, replace your entire car due to a fire, or risk allowing debris to penetrate the oil and potentially destroy several essential components. Here are just a few reasons to immediately replace missing oil caps.

Vacuum Leak Precautions

Missing oil caps can cause your PCV system to pull in air from the breather cap and into your engine’s intake system, ultimately resulting in a vacuum leak. These leaks can be engine killers, as they increase engine temperatures dramatically. The cost of replacing or repairing your engine versus spending a few dollars on fuel cap is reason enough to replace the oil cap right away. Ideally, you’ll have a second vehicle to rely on until you receive your replacement oil cap, but if you plan to head to the parts store instead, be sure to keep your RPM’s and throttle as low as possible.

The Chances of Fire with a Substitute for an Oil Cap are Real

You may have heard that simply stuffing a rag into the hole where your oil cap should be will suffice. Maybe you got advice that using some duct tape as a substitute will “get you by.” However, these are both excellent ways to start a fire under the hood and get yourself into real trouble. An oil-soaked rag in the engine compartment is one of the quickest ways to cause a fire under the hood of your vehicle.

Water Vapor and Dust Issues

Delaying getting a replacement oil cap can let a slew of “junk” and water vapor into your oil reserves. Because clean oil is essential to keeping your vehicle’s engine operational, keeping debris out is definitely wise. These violators can destroy the engine by depositing harsh materials on internal bearing surfaces. A missing oil cap will allow the engine’s evaporative system to suck unfiltered air directly into the engine crankcase – a surefire costly mistake.

Rely on High-Quality Oil Cap Replacement Parts

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