Tech Tips

MotoRad provides industry leading coverage and service. As such, we continually provide helpful technical tips to ensure the best possible diagnostic and installation experience for your next engine management or cooling system project.

GM Specific Flushing Tip

Mixing conventional coolant, that’s ethylene gycol based, with the DEX-COOL that GM vehicles are filled with before leaving the manufacturing plant will significantly reduce the length of its service interval from 5 yrs/150,000 miles to 2 yrs/30,000 miles. In order to solve this issue, the cooling system needs to undergo two cycles of being flushed immediately. Refill the system with DEX-COOL and drinkable water in a 50/50 mixture.
No other additives or inhibitors are necessary when DEX-COOL is used properly. Note: Chevrolet Aveo and Pontiac Vibe are not manufactured with DEX-COOL so the above does not apply to those vehicles. Always check for manufacturer recommendations before filling or flushing your coolant.


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