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Locking Fuel Caps

When the cost of regular and diesel fuel rises, so does the rate of fuel theft. Protect your fuel investment with a MotoRad locking fuel cap.

To install the cap, just twist the cap to the right until it clicks or it comes to a stop. While holding the cap, insert the key and turn it to the right about a half a turn until the key can be removed. When the cap spins freely, you will know the cap is locked and your fuel is protected.

There may be times when you do not want to lock your fuel cap. A competitive advantage of the MotoRad locking cap is that it can be used in the locking or non-locking position. Prior to inserting the key and locking the cap, the cap is unlocked and will not spin freely.

A deteriorating seal on a fuel cap allows fuel to evaporate into the atmosphere. It is estimated a leaking fuel cap can cause the loss of up-to 30 gallons of fuel per year costing you over $100.

Safety is always a concern when dealing with products surrounding fuel. Rest assured that MotoRad’s locking and non-locking fuel caps pass all Federal tests associated with fuel caps.

If you want to protect your investment in fuel, eliminate the possibility of fuel evaporation, and have the option of a locking or non-locking fuel cap, install a new MotoRad-supplied locking fuel cap.