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Innovative Thermal Management Solutions for Leading Automotive Manufacturers

MotoRad partners with global automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to provide advanced, design-ready thermostats manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our expert R&D and engineering capabilities, backed by decades of experience, keep us a step ahead of new automotive technology trends as we develop cutting-edge thermal management solutions and innovative manufacturing methods.

Advanced Testing and Validation for Real-World Reliability

Highly controlled validation using advanced testing equipment is integrated into the production process of all OEM and Tier 1 products. Individual parts, assemblies, seals and other elements are tested. Furthermore, to guarantee performance throughout the planned lifespan, samples are tested to failure point. And finally, every single finished part that MotoRad manufactures is tested in the factory before being shipped to the customer.

This rigorous testing and validation process ensures reliable performance, in real-world conditions, for the expected lifespan of the product.

A Range of Thermal Cooling Solution Solutions for Our OEM and Tier 1 Partners

Our R&D engineering team has extensive capabilities in fields that are vital to cutting-edge thermal cooling solution development, including computer-based design and strength analysis, heat transfer and dynamic flow. This expertise is applied to a variety of products for our OEM and Tier 1 customers, including:

MAP Controlled
Housing Thermostats

Thermal Elements

Hybrid & BEV
Thermal Solutions

On & Off Road
Heavy Duty Solutions

The MotoRad Edge

MotoRad’s extensive engineering capabilities and dedication to customer relationships contribute to practical advantages for our OEMs and Tier 1 supplier partners.

  • High-quality products that fully comply with all relevant standards.
  • Broad product portfolio within each product line.
  • Fast turnaround on development, prototyping and changes.
  • Ability to produce specialty products in small runs.
  • Highly efficient and agile manufacturing process.

Innovative Products of Outstanding Quality Manufactured to QS, TS and ISO Standards

MotoRad manufactures thermostats and caps to QS, TS and ISO standards. Our state-of-the-art quality lab has all the equipment and resources needed to verify and validate all newly designed MotoRad products and to support improvements that further enhance quality and robustness. We are dedicated to pursuing emerging technologies in the automotive industry.