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MotoRad Integrated Housing Thermostats

MotoRad offers a full line of thermostats to replace original equipment thermostats. 

MotoRad integrated housing thermostats differ from traditional thermostats. They offer an all-in-one, bolt-on solution with the thermostat and housing integrated into one unit. This is a growing segment of thermostats, with a large number of vehicles entering the replacement window.

  • Thermostat fully integrated into unit
  • Thermostat not serviceable separately
  • May include sensors and/or MAP controlled pin (where applicable)

These parts are manufactured to meet or exceed all original equipment manufacturer requirements. MotoRad also offers standard thermostats for many alternate temperatures.

Integrated Housing Thermosats:

MotoRad offers the best coverage of thermostats in the world for almost any vehicle and engine on or off the road. MotoRad thermostats play a critical role in maintaining the working temperature of the engine. 

This positively affects the efficiency of the combustion and the transfer of power, the consumption of fuel, the emission of pollutants and the life of the engine.

Need to find a compatible part quickly? Our comprehensive cross-reference system simplifies the search process, ensuring you get the right thermostat for your vehicle without hassle. Trust MotoRad for unmatched expertise, reliability, and innovation in automotive temperature management.