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Explore OEM Quality Automotive Thermostats | MotoRad®

MotoRad® offers the best coverage of thermostats in the world for almost any vehicle and engine. MotoRad® thermostats play a critical role in maintaining the engine’s working temperature. 

The thermostat acts as a temperature-sensitive valve regulating the engine’s coolant flow. It opens and closes in response to the engine’s temperature, maintaining it within the ideal operating range.

The performance of the thermostat in a vehicle affects the efficiency of the combustion and the transfer of power, the consumption of fuel, the emission of pollutants, and the life of the engine.

Key features:

  • The thermostat helps prevent the engine from overheating by allowing coolant to circulate when the engine reaches a certain temperature.
  • Maintaining the engine at the correct operating temperature improves fuel efficiency.
  • Maintaining the correct engine temperature is essential for emissions control.
  • Internal combustion engines (I.C.E.), as well as electrified, hybrid, and EV vehicles, all utilize thermostats to maintain proper operating temperature.

Premium Automotive Thermostats for Global Distribution

MotoRad® is the premier manufacturer and supplier of automotive thermostats and related products. Our extensive catalog boasts top-quality thermostats suitable for various vehicle models. Whether in North America, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Europe, or the EMEA region, we have the perfect solution for your automotive needs.

Discover our Range:
Explore our comprehensive catalog featuring a diverse range of automotive thermostats designed to meet the highest industry standards. From standard models to specialized variants, we have the perfect thermostat for your vehicle.

Thermostat Cross-Reference and Interchange Compatibility:
Effortlessly find compatible thermostats for your vehicle using our convenient cross-reference tool. Simplify your search and ensure precise fitment every time.

Detailed Thermostat Products Specifications:
You can access detailed specifications for each thermostat, which will help you make informed decisions based on your vehicle’s requirements. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures optimal performance and durability.

Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier for Thermal Management Products:
As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, MotoRad® adheres to stringent quality control measures to deliver reliable products that meet or exceed industry standards. Count on us for superior performance and longevity.

Global Distribution Network:
Benefit from our extensive global distribution network, ensuring prompt delivery to your doorstep wherever you are. Whether you’re in North America, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Europe, or the EMEA region, access our premium products with ease.

Dedicated Warehousing:
Our strategically located warehouses facilitate efficient distribution, minimizing delivery times and ensuring product availability when you need it most.

Unmatched Quality and Reliability:
MotoRad®’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leader in the automotive industry. Experience peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in products that deliver exceptional performance under any conditions.

Choose MotoRad® for all your automotive thermostat needs and experience unparalleled quality, reliability, and customer service. Browse our catalog today and elevate your vehicle’s performance with our premium products.