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Market Leadership Through True Partnership & Remarkable Service

At MotoRad we prioritize collaborative relationships with our customers and strive to deliver a consistently exceptional service experience. This approach goes beyond mere transactional interactions. We are focused on building genuine partnerships that are based on trust, mutual growth, and shared goals. All of our client partners are different, with distinct business problems. We feel it is our duty to deeply understand these unique opportunities in order to provide truly tailored solutions.

What we provide:

A Global Product Portfolio

  • Category Leading Coverage
  • Global Fill Rate Average of 97.81%
  • Category Management Expertise
  • Product Technical Training

Who we serve:

B2B Customers of all sizes

  • OEM Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Tier 1 & 2
  • Retailers & Warehouse Distributors
  • Others…

MotoRad is dedicated to excellence in every aspect of operations. The following values guide us in our daily work and interactions – with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and communities. 



We’re passionate about succeeding and winning, we’re committed to going the “extra mile” beyond customer expectations, and we strive to do things right the first time.



We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our employees, customers and vendors. We are dedicated to synergy within our teams, and we support, listen to and care for each other.



We encourage innovation through the willingness to “think different.” By daring to go where we’ve never gone before, we find creative solutions and new added value technologies.


Value Driven

We see our values as the engine that drives our success and as an integral part of everything we do. We are dedicated to bringing our values to life in our day-to-day activities.



We pay attention to the smallest details, while still seeing the big picture. We build knowledge through continuous learning, and we keep our standards high to maintain our reputation for excellence.

MotoRad Around the World

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Motorad Atlanta

200 Hembree Park Drive, Suite R
Roswell, GA 30076 USA

Motorad Israel

Bar-Lev Industrial Park
Misgav 20156, Israel

Motorad Germany

Max-Planck-Str. 6
D-50374 Erftstadt-Liblar

Motorad Mexico

Av. Principal 204, Nave F
El Milagro, Apodaca,
N. L. | México

Motorad Mt Carmel

916 Empire Street
MT Carmel, IL 62863

What Our Customers Are Saying

“MotoRad’s supply chain was the first to recover.”
– world top 5 distributor

“MotoRad is my highest GMROI supplier” 
– world top 10 distributor

“I am able to charge a higher price for the MotoRad brand”
 – world top 10 distributor

MotoRad combines high quality product solutions with top level client service, delivering exceptional performance and a seamless experience for its customers.”
 Partner, Roland Berger / Automotive

Our Leadership Team

Learn more about our management team and their areas of expertise.

Trusted to Deliver Better Since 1958

The MotoRad story continues to evolve as we develop new products and new partnerships. Established in 1958, Motorad develops, manufactures and supplies a range of products, including thermostats, caps and sensors, compatible with existing and emerging technologies for Internal Combustion Engines, Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Battery Electric Vehicles. The MotoRad name is synonymous with quality, reliability, comprehensive coverage of vehicle models and exceptional customer service. Here are some important milestones in our history…

Joseph Fishman founds the company


In the mid 1950s, Joseph Fishman, a star die maker in the Israeli industrial sector, established a small tool and die shop in Haifa, Israel, to manufacture custom-made dies and distribute stamping machinery. Later on, Fishman decided to invest in the development of a core product line of engine thermostats that could be differentiated with Fishman’s technology and automation expertise.

North American subsidiary is established


Fishman establishes its North American service operation and begins to build dies for steel plates, friction plates and transmission filters. The company’s expertise in engineering allows it to buy and rebuild used machinery and expand into turnkey solutions.

MotoRad® brand launches in North America


Fishman launches the MotoRad trade name in North America. Since then, the company has been successful in partnering with major customers across North America.

MotoRad’s German subsidiary is established


MotoRad’s German subsidiary is established – Motorad expanded into the European market in the early 1990s, operating under the MotoRad trade name. Since then, the MotoRad brand has earned a strong reputation based on its long tradition of dependability and superior performance.

Patented FAIL-SAFE® Thermostat


Fail-Safe Thermostats offer premium, patented technology for superior protection over any thermostat on the market. Only Fail-Safe is designed to lock in the open position when overheating occurs due to a failing cooling system component. This allows maximum coolant flow, thus preventing expensive engine damage. “A Few Extra Dollars Could Save You Thousands in Costly Engine Repairs.”

MotoRad becomes a Tier 1 OEM supplier


MotoRad becomes a Tier 1 OEM supplier – MotoRad starts to develop thermal management solutions directly to the OEM vehicle manufacturers.

Patented KeyVent® Safety Release Locking Fuel Cap


The KeyVent® Safety Release Locking Fuel Cap is the only locking fuel cap on the market that can simultaneously lock/unlock your fuel cap, while safely relieving pressure before removing your fuel cap.

Fishman Engineering Ltd. New Headquarters in Misgav, Israel


New 250,000 sq. ft. global headquarters built and opened to house all OE & Aftermarket R&D and manufacturing functions. The facility is the company’s center of excellence for all Advanced Thermal Management products.

Patented the Electronically Controlled Thermostat


MotoRad opens new DC and production center in Mexico


Motorad opened its new distribution center in Monterrey, Mexico to better serve customers in Mexico and throughout Central and South America.

MotoRad launches innovative UltraStat® thermostat line


The UltraStat line of thermostats offers many innovative features and benefits exclusive in the market:

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel components – Offer increased reliability and long lasting durability
  • Exclusive BLVT™ Valve Technolocy – Prevents thermal shock to cooling system components
  • Exclusive Stainless Steel Thermal Element – For unmatched corrosion resistance
  • Revolutionary REAX™ Wax Mixture – Provides quicker reaction time
  • AccuSpring™ Design – For stable temperature control and increased cabin comfort

MotoRad launches new line of Engine Management products


This new line engine management products offers many innovative solutions for customers:

  • MotoRad Inventory Optimization (MIO)
  • Transformational Experience – Quality, Coverage and Service
  • Shelf Space Optimization – Unique part numbering system ensures proper shelf placement to maximize space
  • Premium Packaging – Includes full gloss, heavy duty graphic box with “MotoRad Genuine Parts” hologram to authenticate against counterfeit parts, and protective, anti-static inner packing and bubble wrap.

Phase 1 categories Include: Ignition Coils, Cam/Crank Sensors, MAF Sensors and VVT Solenoids

MotoRad launches three new Sensor Categories


MotoRad adds to their Engine Management line with three new sensor categories:

  • Coolant Temperature Sensors
  • Knock Sensors
  • Throttle Position Sensors

MotoRad launches Emerging Technology Categories for Electric Vehicles


On the heels of several successful OEM Thermal Management projects, MotoRad launches three new product categories for EV Thermal Management:

  • Coolant Valve Actuators
  • Coolant Pressure Sensors
  • Coolant Heaters

MotoRad becomes the Coverage Leader in Thermostats, Coolant Caps and Coolant Flanges in Europe


European product management team adds significant number of SKUs to become the leader in coverage for:

  • Thermostats
  • Coolant Caps
  • Coolant Flanges

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