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ESG – Environment, Sustainability, and Governance at MotoRad

We are dedicated to creating a lasting positive impact. Every day, in every action, we strive to improve outcomes for our investors, employees, communities, and the environment.


Sustainability and resilience are embedded in our culture and addressing global challenges like climate change, social equality, and economic instability is crucial for both environmental health and long-term financial success.


Sustainability is central to our growth strategy. We emphasize collaboration, innovation, and the drive to bring about positive change.


To ensure transparency we document and monitor our progress with quarterly reports and real-time updates that track our progress and set future goals.

  • Supporting Employee Development: Offering weekly seminars, lectures, and enrichment programs.
  • Engaging in Volunteering: Regularly participating in community service, including volunteering at an “at-risk youth” boarding school.
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Encouraging diversity, acceptance, and respect within our organization.
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting: Completing our first GHG report and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Sustainable Energy Use: Utilizing natural gas for energy production and shifting employee vehicles to electric or hybrid options.
  • Renewable Electricity: Exploring renewable electricity options for all operations.

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We recognize the importance of effective governance to a company’s health and longevity. We implemented a ‘Code of Conduct’ to better establish formal expectations of employees and company behavior. We seek to ensure that there are proper checks and balances in our decision-making processes at the board level of our company.

2024 Activities Underway: