Automotive Thermostats

MotoRad thermostats come in three different quality levels to meet the varied needs of consumers and professional installers.

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MotoRad | Automotive Thermostats


MotoRad automotive thermostats are state-of-the-art equipment and undergo strict quality control and functional testing. This ensures that customers can trust the level of quality of the products they use in their vehicles.

MotoRad offers the only true good, better and best product line offerings in the industry with thermostatsOE Equivalent, UltraStat and patented Fail-Safe thermostats.

Standard Equipment Replacement Thermostats

MotoRad offers a full line of thermostats to replace original equipment thermostats. These parts are manufactured with high-grade, dual-bridge stainless steel construction and meet or exceed all original equipment manufacturer requirements. MotoRad also offers standard thermostats for many alternate temperatures.

UltraStat® Thermostats

The new MotoRad UltraStat® thermostats are an innovative line offering many features and benefits over the original equipment. Heavy gauge stainless steel construction provides the most corrosion resistance of any thermostat on the market. Proprietary BLVT™ valve design technology prevents thermal shock, while the robust AccuSpring™ design provides accurate spring load stabilizing temperature, resulting in increased cabin comfort.

Fail-Safe Thermostats

MotoRad Fail-Safe® Thermostats offer premium, patented technology for superior protection over any thermostat on the market. Only Fail-Safe® is designed to lock in the open position when overheating occurs due to a failing cooling system component. This allows maximum coolant flow, thus preventing expensive engine damage.

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