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MotoRad offers a wide range of closure caps for the automotive industry. These include coolant caps, fuel caps, oil caps, and diesel exhaust caps.

State-of-the-art equipment, strict quality control and functional testing of each cap ensure customers that they can trust MotoRad high-quality products in their vehicles.


Coolant System Tester

The MotoRad MT-300 cooling system pressure tester is the professionals’ choice when it comes to testing vehicle cooling systems and coolant caps. This tester ensures an automotive cooling system is operating at the correct pressure for optimal performance.

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Coolant Caps

MotoRad radiator pressure caps are designed and manufactured to offer precise pressure control for the automotive cooling system. Most standard radiator caps are also offered in a version with a safety lever feature and each part is factory tested prior to shipping to customers.

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locking gas cap

Fuel Caps

Fuel caps are small but crucial and are an integral part of the onboard diagnostics system and emissions control system. They prevent fuel vapor leakage from the filler neck, which is a major source of hydrocarbon emissions, and play a major safety role in preventing the flow of fuel from the tank filler neck when a car is in an accident…

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Oil Caps

Oil caps are used primarily for sealing the oil reservoir. They often include filters, which should be replaced several times during the vehicle’s lifetime, for crankcase venting.

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MotoRad- image of the MGC839T part

Tethered Fuel Cap

You no longer need to go to the dealer to replace your old, worn out or broken tethered fuel cap. Perfect, affordable option as a direct replacement to your OE tethered cap, ready to install quickly and easily. Manufactured with high quality materials for long lasting durability.

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