Integrated Housing Thermostats

MotoRad integrated housing thermostats differ from traditional thermostats. They offer an all-in-one, bolt-on solution with the thermostat and housing integrated into one unit. This is a growing segment of thermostats with a large number of vehicles entering the replacement window.

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MotoRad|Integrated Housing Thermostats

MotoRad offers superior application coverage on integrated housing thermostats, at over 200 SKUs accounting for 98% application coverage. Housing thermostat sales have been growing at a rapid rate since they became very popular on 2003 vehicles. In 2017, roughly 70% of all new vehicles manufactured came equipped with an integrated housing thermostat and that trend continues to climb in 2018 and beyond. The growth of this product segment will continue for years to come.

MAP Controlled Integrated Housing Thermostats

Integrated MAP controlled housing thermostats are the next generation of integrated housing thermostats. They enable additional regulation of operating temperature via maps stored in the ECU. They are specifically designed for maximum efficiency to provide adaptive, on-demand cooling based on the engine’s overall performance and load state. This results in lower emissions and fuel consumption, while providing greater engine output.

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