Coolant Caps

MotoRad radiator pressure caps are designed and manufactured to offer precise pressure control for the automotive cooling system. Most standard radiator caps are also offered in a version with a safety lever feature and each part is factory tested prior to shipping to customers.

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MotoRad | Coolant Caps


Standard and Coolant Caps
MotoRad standard radiator caps make an excellent replacement for worn or faulty radiator caps, which occur over time. Radiator caps are easy to install and remove because the cap’s shell turns interdependent of the sealing gasket, stem, and bottom plate.

Safety Lever Radiator Cap
MotoRad safety lever radiator caps utilize a lever that locks the cap to the filler neck requiring the lever be lifted before removal. When the lever is lifted, the valve pressurizing in the cooling system is opened and pressure is vented through the overflow tube making it safe to remove the radiator cap.
MotoRad offers a variety of pressure caps ranging from 4 PSI to over 30 PSI.

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