MAF Sensors

MotoRad MAF Sensors precisely measure airflow entering the engine and communicate with the ECU to support optimum fuel combustion. Engineered to reduce contamination and withstand vibration to maximize durability. All MotoRad MAF Sensors are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at our IATF16949 manufacturing facilities.

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  • 100% new product, not remanufactured.
  • Proprietary NTC Technology designed to match OE resistance ensuring the most precise signal to ECU, resulting in optimal fuel/air mixture.
  • Platinum infused hot wire sensor minimizes corrosion and guarantees a stable reading.
  • Features double wire bonding upgrade to protect against issues caused by vibration.
  • 100% thermal cycle and sonic nozzle testing, among other tests, ensures worry-free performance and durability.

Download Product Info Sheet >>> MAF Sensor-Engine Management-Flyer


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